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Legislative advances and knowledge

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Legislative advances and knowledge

The formal and effective recognition of the rights of people with disabilities and their families by our legal system, through alliances, initiatives and regulations that guarantee their compliance, is an essential step to achieve full citizenship of people with disabilities and their families that make up our society. All this, in line with the United Nations International Convention.

Legislative progress 

At the ONCE Foundation in collaboration with CERMI, guided by our commitment to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, we actively follow regulatory developments at both the European and the state level that affect the rights of people with disabilities and their families. 

If you wish to access more detailed information on the main regulatory advances that affect the field of disability, both at national and European level, you can consult the following summary:

The quarterly legislative report

National and european projects

At ONCE Foundation, we have launched different initiatives to promote the dissemination and knowledge of the Convention among legal operators in order to ensure that the right of people with disabilities to access justice on equal terms with others (Art 13 of the Convention) becomes a reality.

The European JUST4ALL project, led by the ONCE Foundation, is co-financed by the EU Justice Program (2014-2020). Its main objective is to promote access to justice for people with disabilities by raising awareness and training legal professionals in this area.

For more information, you can consult the project website: www.just4all.eu

Disability Course and Active Legal Defence: Belonging to the ONCE Foundation Channel at UNED Abierta, its objective is the creation of a culture that promotes respect for the rights of people with disabilities and action in the active defense and promotion of the effective exercise of these rights.

"Alliance for inclusive investment in social care and support", a project that has the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and whose objective is training in investment with social impact and the exchange of knowledge between the different sectors: public, private and social. (Available soon)

National and international alliances