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A business vision of social inclusion for people with disabilities

ILUNION is in the business field the social initiative of ONCE and its Foundation with a pioneering and innovative model, which maintains the balance between its economic and social values.

ILUNION has a staff of 37,907 workers, of which 15,370 are people with some kind of disability (40.55%).  In addition, in order to fulfil its commitment to create jobs for people with disabilities, ILUNION participates in other social enterprises, contributing to the support of another 7,300 jobs, 81% of which are held by people with disabilities.

ILUNION, with an experience of almost 30 years, is present in the most important sectors of activity and is a leader in industrial laundry, contact centre, integral services, technological solutions and universal accessibility.

ILUNION is active in five divisions: Business & Facility Services, Social Healthcare, Consulting, Tourism, and Marketing. These divisions bring together more than 50 lines of activity. Present throughout Spain, with around 500 work centres, almost half of which are Special Employment Centres.

ILUNION is a socially and environmentally responsible business project, whose goal is excellence in its management, adding capacity, experience, talent and inclusion and joining competitiveness, innovation, efficiency and diversity.