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European Social Fund

European Union: European Social Fund. A partnership that grows and is consolidated

Since 2000, ONCE Foundation has maintained a solid alliance with the European Union as a manager of European Social Fund aid aimed at the social inclusion of people with disabilities through training and employment, with which some 25,000 people are assisted each year and some 6,000 are helped to find work, with an average of 42% being women. They're more than numbers: they're life experiences.

We carry out all the necessary actions in Spain and Europe to maximize our possibilities of continuing to manage this type of fund from ONCE Foundation, both directly and through Inserta Empleo. These funds are essential for the fulfilment of our social purposes and allow us to multiply the funds coming from our founding patron, ONCE.

Based on an excellent management and on the work of the professionals who develop the employment and training programs co-financed by the ESF, supported by technological tools that reinforce the effectiveness and efficiency of the management, it contributes to promote the creation of employment, entrepreneurship, to promote the recruitment and development of the talent of people with disabilities, to reach budgetary balance of ONCE Foundation and to support the social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities from the associative movement of people with disabilities and their families.

We have essential allies for the fulfilment of this goal, both in Spain and in Europe: in addition to the people with disabilities themselves and the entities that represent them, the universities are fundamental partners, contributing to quality training, and the companies that rely on their talent and bring social wealth to their workplaces.

With the programmes that we develop within the framework of this alliance, which is consolidated on a daily basis, we reinforce the multiplying effect of the ESF, maintain and strengthen our leadership in Spain and Europe as trusted managers of this aid and publicise, through communication campaigns, the added value that the European Union represents for the social cohesion of the groups with the greatest risk of exclusion, thus contributing to achieving the vision of ONCE Foundation of being the reference entity for the creation of quality employment and training for people with disabilities, as key elements for their inclusion.

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