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Fundación ONCE and its entity that’s an expert in labour inclusion, INSERTA

INSERTA Empleo is the entity for training and employment of Fundación ONCE. Its activity is aimed at people with disabilities who are looking for work and/or want to enhance their skills or acquire new ones. 

In addition, it makes it easier for companies to hire workers with disabilities, advising them throughout the process regarding subsidies, technical and economic aids, finding the right candidates for the profile they are looking for, as well as adapting the job if necessary. 

Inserta currently has 36 offices distributed throughout Spain, where 373 professionals work in the field of human resources (325 of whom have disabilities). 

INSERTA Empleo, tandem cooperation with ESF  

The partnership of Fundación ONCE with the European Social Fund has been long and fruitful, and it goes through OPs such as the Operational Programme for the Fight against Discrimination, the Programme for Talent,  the Operational Programme for the Fight against Discrimination 2007-2013 or the Operational Programmes for Social Inclusion and Social Economy (Poises) and Youth Employment (POEJ). 


The new Poises provides for the continuity of orientation and training actions as well as labour intermediation in three programmes: Boost your talent 4.0, Strengthen your Talent 4.0 and Diverse Talent for sustainable development.  

The newest program is called Women in ON-VG Mode, which improves the life and employment of women with disabilities who are victims of gender-based violence 


The Operational Programme for Youth Employment (POEJ in Spanish) is aimed at young people with disabilities aged between 16 and 29 who have been registered with the National Youth Guarantee System.  

It aims to train guidance staff in methodologies for working with families; to develop and apply a methodology of work in the social and family environment of young people with disabilities; to ensure that families act as prescribers for others in their same situation; to generate units of proximity in the work with families, which will allow access to rural environments and to work with guidance staff in schools and centres.

INSERTA empleo: our services to NEVER GIVE UP young job seekers 

The Never Give Up Plan was a programme of the Fundación ONCE and Inserta Empleo to combat youth unemployment and promote the social and occupational inclusion of young people with disabilities, as a result of the country's economic situation, adhering to the Strategy for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.  

In 2018 Inserta Empleo promoted the roadshow 'Never give up' presented with the slogan "This opportunity isn’t offered every day", to attract young people between 16 and 29 years of age with a disability certificate equal or superior to 33% and to provide them with resources to improve their employability. The registration of candidates was done through the portal Noterindasnunca.org.  

The last phase of 'Never give up' was presented in October 2018 with a comprehensive campaign complete with outdooradvertising, digital presence, campaigns with artists and influencers. In addition, it created a video starring young people with disabilities who, in a piece loaded with strength and energy, show their spirit of self-improvement and become an example for everyone. Another campaign action was the so-called Traces of life which integrates a series of meetings between great artists from all over Spain and young people with disabilities who have served as inspiration for the creation of six unique works that represent the importance of never giving up. 

Inserta Empleo and its services to women with disabilities: WOMEN IN “ON” MODE and INSERTA NEEDS 

The activity rate for women with disabilities is 35.2%, compared to 72.1% for women without disabilities; the employment rate is 30% compared to 57% and the unemployment rate is 29.3%, which in the case of women without disabilities is 21.3%.  

This reality has led Inserta Empleo to promote communication campaigns such as 'Go from NO to ON', an initiative to promote the employment of women with disabilities. Women interested in accessing a job and training opportunity only had to enter mujeresenmodoon.com and register. They were automatically registered in the Portalento platform, the Fundación ONCE's employment portal  

The second part of the campaign received the title of 'Women in ON mode' and had a video in which women with disabilities claimed their place in society as full subjects of rights, while offering their talents and abilities to contribute to a fairer world in which difference is a factor of common enrichment and not discrimination.  

Another of Inserta's initiatives aimed at women with disabilities  is #NecesitasInserta, a simple and practical series of ten one-minute video tutorials in which a human resources expert offers the keys to successful job searching. 

Inserta Empleo and its services to companies 

Inserta's labour intermediation with companies is based on five basic pillars: 

  • Provide information about the applicable regulations regarding hiring, aids, subsidies and social and tax benefits. 
  • Actively seek out job supply and demand. 
  • Workplace analysis. 
  • To provide technical support in all matters related to the recruitment of people with disabilities.  
  • Effectively manage job offers, presenting candidates who have the capacity(s) required to perform the functions assigned to the position. 
  • Development of projects in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. 
  • Specialised advice. 
  • Establishment of individual training and development strategies for the adaptation of the person to the position: accompaniment in employment. 

Inserta Empleo and its commitment to young university students 

Inserta Empleo has recently launched the campaign 'A future of fear' to bring university students with disabilities closer to the labour market and improve their training. 

Inserta Empleo's concern for this group also translates into the inclusion of a specific section for university students in its job portal, which offers them job search services, internships, career plans, grants, English language classes and professional coaching. 

Inserta Empleo y ODISMET: observatory on disability and the labour market in Spain 

Odismet is the Observatory on Disability and the Labour Market, of the Fundación ONCE, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund. 

In Odismet you can consult a database with more than fifty indicators of the labour market and disability ordered in six sections (labour integration and labour market trends; working conditions and professional trajectories; education and professional training; employment policies oriented towards people with disabilities; social benefits and actions of the ONCE-Fundación ONCE-Grupo Empresarial Ilunion oriented towards the creation of employment and training); information on employment policies, a virtual library on labour inclusion of people with disabilities, a newsletter, as well as monographic reports and yearbooks. ODISMET also offers a tailor-made consultation service. 

Inserta Empleo and its capillarity in the territories: MUNICIP alliances 

These agreements, Inserta Municip, establish a framework of collaboration to improve the situation in the labour market of people with disabilities through advice and appropriate training. They also aim to raise awareness among citizens, employers and municipal organisations and institutions of the need to include people with disabilities. They also provide for the joint design and implementation of specific actions for young people with disabilities and to promote their incorporation into the labour market and to raise awareness among the business community of the need for young talent. 

Dozens of city councils have already joined this initiative. Among the latest ones: Villaquilambre, Palencia, Galapagar, San Agustín de Guadalix, Lanzarote, Haro, Ávila, Pineda del Mar, Cádiz, Fuengirola, Logroño, Lucena, Alcañiz, Teruel, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Calahorra, Tarazona, A Estrada, Monzón, Algeciras, Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha, Almería, Salamanca, Alcorcón, Ejea de los Caballeros, Oviedo, Tudela and Ciudad Real. 

Inserta Forum 

The Inserta Responsible Forum, as a networking platform for its partners, allows for the sharing of reflections on the practices implemented by the partners for the inclusion of people with disabilities in their workforces, generating a close link between INSERTA companies and the ONCE Foundation, based on relationships of trust and mutual cooperation.  

The creation of this Forum has a double purpose, on the one hand, to serve as a meeting point for relevant companies in this country in order to share reflections on the experience of integrating people with disabilities into their workforces, generating a close link between INSERTA companies and the Fundación ONCE based on relations of trust and mutual cooperation, and on the other hand, to generate a forum for meeting and analysis of CSR and disability policies.  

Currently, 90 leading companies in our country are part of the Inserta Program and Forum. 

Inserta Innovation

The Inserta Innovación Association is a non-profit organization established in 1998, declared to be of public utility, which has among its purposes the promotion of labour inclusion and employment, especially of people with disabilities and those belonging to other groups in situations of vulnerability and/or social exclusion. 

Thus, the association will be a centre for the sharing of reflections and initiatives regarding all the questions that affect the common interests of its partners in this matter. Its purpose extends to Information, Guidance and Job Search, Integrated Service for the Promotion of Employment, Placement Agency and any other instrument or formula for intermediation and employment guidance, as well as training activities in these areas and actions in the field of universal accessibility necessary for full social and employment inclusion. 

Inserta Innovación therefore works on the development of strategies aimed at optimising the employability levels of disabled workers and those belonging to other groups in a situation of vulnerability and/or social exclusion, favouring their social integration through access to the working environment.  

It proposes a model of integral intervention for employment with a global vision that goes beyond mere contact between potential employers and job seekers, as it contemplates specific actions of information, motivation, orientation, improvement of employability, training, actions in the field of universal accessibility and professional insertion of workers with disabilities and those belonging to other groups in a situation of vulnerability and/or social exclusion, establishing itself as a model of efficient and effective labour intermediation. 

It also provides employers with consultancy services aimed at guaranteeing the successful selection and incorporation of workers, mainly through the pre-selection of candidates for the company's offers and coordinated action plans to make these actions possible. 

It offers specialized professional orientation, through the design of a personalized insertion plan and it puts within reach of the candidate actions that improve their employability conditions and participates in the search for employment suitable to their professional profile. 

In addition, we promote innovation, knowledge and research in the development of actions that foster social inclusion. It will also elaborate training projects to be carried out by all or some of its members. We collect and disseminate documentation on the publication of any type of material that promotes job creation and universal accessibility and contribute to the formation of public opinion on the subject. In order to obtain the maximum level of development and effectiveness in its aims and objectives, Inserta Innovación will cooperate closely with all those initiatives carried out by the different organisations working in the field of disability and other groups in a situation of vulnerability and/or social exclusion. 


The following are members of the Inserta Innovación Asociación: 

  • Fundación ONCE for the Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities 
  • The Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI) 
  • ILUNION Group 
  • The Spanish Business Federation of Associations of Special Employment Centres (FEACEM) 


As part of its management strategy, the Inserta Innovación Association incorporates an element in the establishment of alliances with public and private entities, in order to develop joint programmes and projects, which facilitate the professional qualification and labour integration of people with disabilities, through training and the creation of stable jobs. 

Collaborations with the associative movement 

The collaboration with the associative movement of people with disabilities is for Inserta Innovación Association a key and determining factor for the identification of needs and opportunities for the collective and the elaboration of joint programmes. 

Collaborations with Public Administrations 

In the same way, for Inserta Innovación Association, collaboration with public administrations is a key and determining factor in identifying needs and opportunities for the group, as well as a source of resources through the conclusion of contracts and collaboration agreements. 


The Inserta Innovación Association currently has offices in the following regions. 

  • ANDALUSIA: Seville, Cordoba and Jerez 
  • CANTABRIA: Santander 
  • GALICIA: Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Vigo, Orense and Lugo 

For more information: insertaempleo.es/innovacion/asociacion-inserta