Valuation criteria

The following details the most relevant technical criteria applicable to the valuation of applications for all programs of Fundación ONCE. It also details a series of criteria that are specifically applicable to the valuation of projects related to the "Self-employment and social economy company creation" program:

General valuation criteria for all projects:

About the project:

  • The project complies with the social objectives sought by Fundación ONCE. This translates in that its definition fits any of the budgetary programs that Fundación ONCE has defined for the fiscal period in question.
  • The project has relevance and repercussion for society in general and for the collective of persons with disabilities it is aimed at (social impact). This relevance would be reflected in two main aspects:
    • The project responds to an objective and duly motivated need.
    • The project identifies quantifiable and measurable social objectives that can be monitored and verified once the project has been executed.
  • The project is part of the strategic and/or service development plans of the national organization that the applicant entity is a part of, so that Fundación ONCE can integrate such project in the work program established each year with each one of the entities representing the various collectives of persons with disabilities.
  • The project must be technically complete so that documentation provided justifies and sufficiently explains its goals.
  • The project includes a material execution budget that is reasoned and balanced in relation to the social objectives sought with it.
  • The project must be feasible both in financial and social execution terms. Therefore, the developer of the project may be asked for any information or clarification considered necessary to understand among others, the aspects related to the technical and/or business-financial feasibility of the project.
  • Whenever possible the project shall contemplate the publicising of its results to the public opinion, contributing this way to the awareness both to respect of needs and potential abilities of persons with disabilities.

Regarding project Financing Plan:

  • Given the complementariness nature that the aids granted by Fundación ONCE must have, applications that have financing, relevant over the total budget, from any Public Administrations shall be given priority.
  • In the absence of relevant financing from Public Administration, own financing, i.e. that provided by the applicant, in addition to reflecting an explicit commitment with the execution of the project, may be considered as "co-financing", as long as its execution is guaranteed.
  • In any case, any application shall have a Financing Plan that explains the entire investment and/or expenses budget associated with the project. The plan shall identify the various sources of financing, as well as their current processing status.

Specific valuation criteria for projects in the "Self-employment and social economy business creation" program:

The appraisal of projects shall be carried out objectively, based on the weighing model in the annex under this text. The approval of the project requires obtaining a minimum score of 50 points, of which at least 40 shall correspond to the financial sustainability of the project and the qualification of the entrepreneur to carry out the project. In addition, social factors shall be appraised, prioritising the collective of young people, collectives in greater risk of exclusion (women, long term unemployed...), persons with greater difficulties of accessing the employment market given their type of disability, projects that generate jobs for other persons with disabilities, initiatives developed in rural environments, etc...

The projects achieving a score between 50 and 70 points shall be presented for approval once all applications received have been appraised, following the order of greater to lesser score, until the financial resources of Fundación ONCE budgeted for each year have been used. Any projects obtaining a score equal or greater to 70 may be resolved at any time during the year.

In the event of draw between projects, those that having fulfilled the requirement of registration date after 1 January of the year prior to the application date are already in operation.


Fundación ONCE, con objeto de garantizar un mejor servicio cada día, se ha certificado en la norma de Calidad ISO 9001:2000 en las actividades de Gestión de solicitudes de ayuda económica para el desarrollo de Proyectos.

Durante la clausura del congreso de Calidad celebrado en las instalaciones de Fundación ONCE el 8 de noviembre de 2006, D. Alberto Durán, Presidente de Fundación ONCE, recibió de manos de D. Virgili Sáez, Presidente de ECA CERT, Certificación S.A.U., el diploma que acredita la certificación de Fundación ONCE según ISO 9001:2000 en las actividades de Gestión de solicitudes de ayuda económica para el desarrollo de Proyectos. Asimismo recalcó que la obtención de esta certificación de calidad ISO es muy importante porque "somos una casa que gestiona sensibilidades y, aunque no podemos afrontar todo lo que es necesario, los criterios para la toma de decisiones son claramente objetivables".

En este sentido el Presidente señaló que Fundación ONCE, además de preocuparse del para qué y del porqué se hacen las cosas, también lo hace del cómo se llevan a cabo, además de perseguir una mejora continua.

Para Fundación ONCE, la opinión de los solicitantes es de gran ayuda y nos proporciona una información de gran valor.

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