University and Disability

The level of education of persons with disabilities continues to be comparatively lower than persons without disabilities. At present persons with disabilities are only represented in 1.1% of the university degree students and the percentage is even lower when talking of master, postgraduate or PhD students. Only between 5 and 6% of persons with disabilities have university students today in Spain, despite that the 2020 European strategy is talking of a 40% horizon. These figures show that, despite the effort carried out by the Spanish universities in the last years to promote diversity and improve access and permanence of all persons with special needs in the university, it is still necessary to adopt positive action measures to reduce early school drop-outs, promote access and guarantee higher education adapted to future needs.

In this sense and bearing in mind that the objective of Fundación ONCE is the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, we made a commitment to education and training as the main instrument to guarantee equal opportunities and a determining step to improve professional insertion of persons with disabilities in quality jobs. Fundación ONCE has developed a University and Disability Strategy in order to work with the Spanish University System in fulfilling current legislation, as well as to promote actions that encourage the involvement of persons with disabilities at Universities.

The main objective for the University, Youth and Special Plans Commissioner of Fundación ONCE is therefore to progress in the inclusion of persons with disabilities in universities as well as increase the ratio of university students with disabilities to facilitate, as a result, their professional insertion in quality jobs. Our challenge is to maximize the development of personality, talent and creativity of persons with disabilities and raise awareness in society of all their potential.

Rights of Students of Disability. Download from this LINK

II International Congress University and Disability

Last November, Fundación ONCE organized the II International Congress University and Disability under the slogan "Inclusive Universities, Universities of Future", with the support of the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI); the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equalities, through the General Directorate of support to disabilities policies and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, through the Secretary General of Universities. In addition, the Congress had the support and financing of other entities such as the Universia, Vodafone Spain and PwC Foundations and the Royal Patronage on Disability, the European Social Fund and Google Spain.
 The general goal of this II International Congress was to raise awareness and discuss the experiences and good practices of Universities with regards to inclusion and put on the table the most relevant research on university and disability, which represent a progress in improving educational quality and quality of life of persons with disabilities, as per the mandates defined in the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
The II International Congress University and Disability was attended by over 400 persons registered from 18 countries and 54 Spanish and 25 international universities.

For further information on the II International Congress University and Disability, please visit the following link where the minutes of the event will be posted very soon.

Website of the II International Congress University and Disability