The following types of projects are considered under this program:

  1. Training projects aimed at improving the employability of persons with disabilities. Said projects shall have a clear focus aimed at employment, especially considering the existence of hiring commitments of students.
  2. Projects aimed at executing "Workshops" on employment. This measure is part of a joint employment and training program, based on an integrating methodology that facilitates subsequent occupational insertion, both employed by others and through the creation of business or social economy projects.
  3. Exceptionally due to occupational integration difficulties of collectives that the services are provided to, it shall be possible to consider training projects of professional teams of entities integrated in the associative movement of disabilities in areas that contribute among others for improving the employability of attending collectives.


This program will cover expenses associated with training projects, including both those of prospecting needs, student selection and coordination of training actions, as well as those specifically related to the provision of training (lecturers, materials, classroom rental and equipment...).


  • General application form for legal entities duly filled in with the basic details of the applicant entity and the project presented. Headcount attached in Annex 1 to be filled in.
  • Photocopy of the Tax ID code of the entity (CIF).
  • Photocopy of the Spanish ID of the legal representative.
  • Copy of the legal representative power carrying out the application for aid on behalf of the entity.
  • Photocopy of the deed of incorporation of the entity.
  • Photocopy of the articles of association of the entity.
  • The documentation shall include, if applicable, the Confederation or National Federation of the collective of disabled that the applicant entity belongs to, in order to process, when applicable, the application within the scope of the employment program established each year with said national entities. If appropriate, it shall be possible to include a statement issued by the regional/national entity associated with the application, in which the first reports favourable on the feasibility of the project subject of the application for aid, the sufficiency of financial resources it aims to be financed with, as well as the suitable application of the funds requested for the purpose of the aid.
  • In addition to the documentation enumerated above, the applicant must submit a certificate (template attached as Annex 5) filled in, stamped and signed by the legal representative of the entity, accrediting, including but not limited to, the authenticity of the legal documentation presented to Fundación ONCE, and other aspects such as that the entity is up to date on its Social Security and Public Treasury obligations, that the annual financial statements (or documentation reflecting the financial situation of the entity) show an accurate image of the entity, etc. This certificate also authorises the making available of the entity for the execution of a project audit in the event of being benefited from an aid from Fundación ONCE; this audit may be carried out by Fundación ONCE itself or by a third party it may appoint.
  • Descriptive report of the project to be executed, which shall indicate, in addition to any information the applicant entity considers may contribute to better understand the proposed project, the following basic aspects:
    • Brief description of the goals and activities of the applicant entity.
    • Justification of the project supporting the need for its execution.
    • Total cost of the project broken down into the following items, including in each case the budget estimates that support each one of them (e.g. machinery and/or equipment budgets, basic construction or execution project, professionals services budgets, etc.).
    • Aid amount requested from Fundación ONCE.
    • Financing plan for the total project cost including the contribution that the entity plans to provide, enumerating the various public and/or private entities that will take part in the project, quantifying their contributions (estimates or firm) and any documentation that may be available to the applicant entity supporting said financing plan (resolutions, or applications if appropriate, for concession of subsidies of public and/or private entities).
    • Description and quantification of social objectives sought with the project (example: number of jobs, occupational places, number of attendants in sessions, etc.).
    • Material execution schedule of the project, specifying the start and end date as well as achieving the relevant milestones.
    • For projects with multi-year execution plans it shall be necessary to detail, based on the total project cost and for each one of the fiscal periods, both the amounts to be requested from Fundación ONCE, and from the rest of public and private institutions and entities that are expected to take part in its financing.
    • Justification of the course to be carried out.
    • Number of disabled students that will be included in the training program.
    • Student selection criteria.
    • Description of course content.
    • Lecturing hours, detailing how many will be theory, practice, professional guidance, training on occupational hazard prevention... and assignment of hours to the various training modules included in the program.
    • Course calendar and hours.
    • Location of the facilities in which the training shall be provided.
    • Provisions for carrying out practices.
    • Budget broken down by items: teacher fees, leasing, educational material, supplies, and any other expense directly related with the provision of the training action.
    • Actions carried out or to be executed, aiming to facilitate occupational insertion of students, and if applicable, engagement commitments.

Beneficiary entities confirm that any information and documentation provided through the SIRIS website shall be accurate and sufficient in order to accredit the required justifying circumstances, and that, such documentation and information, and especially the personal details that may be required to justify the aid received, have been obtained legitimately, and the necessary authorisation and consents have been obtained from the affected parties: employees or users, to grant such personal data to Fundación ONCE, as set form in section 11 under Organic Act 15/1999, 13 December, Personal Data Protection.