Fundación ONCE has been working over the last two years in the production of programs that are broadcast on TVE's La 2. These are the links to the various programs:

    CITIZEN EFFECT shows positive stores of persons helping others without asking for anything in exchange. A program to publicise social actions of the street and that aims, with its example, to promote the commitment and support between citizens.
    'Tengo once años' (I am eleven) shows the daily activities of a dozen children that live with disabilities, own or of persons close by. A different way of getting close to this reality through natural and unprejudiced way of eleven year old children that tell their stories, dreams and concerns and their particular perception of life.
    'CON MIS OJOS' (With my eyes) is a travel program in which the character, a blind person, travels through Spain with his guide dog taking viewers to places, celebrities and experiences as we had never seen them before.