Fundación ONCE has promoted sports of persons with disabilities as a platform for social normalisation. In addition to supporting the various Spanish Federations of Sports for the Disabled, it has sponsored the National Basketball League on wheelchairs.

Since its creation, Fundación ONCE has supported elite sports played by persons with disabilities, whose maximum expression are the Paralympic Games. These are, undoubtedly, the best example that there are practically no limits for these persons and it is possible to exceed any goal, any barrier, if sought with determination, vigour and working as a team.

Barcelona 92 set a historical milestone in the development of Paralympic Games. For the first time, the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games was the same that organised the Paralympic Games, Olympic and Paralympics sports persons shared one same location and the same facilities. The Spanish team, of which Fundación ONCE is one of its main sponsors, reaped brilliant success that followed in subsequent editions of Paralympic Games, as highlighted by the following results:

  • SEUL'88 Paralympic Games: Spain obtained 43 medals and ranked 13 in the medal count.
  • BARCELONA'92 Paralympic Games: Spain won 107 medals and was 5th in the medal count.
  • ATLANTA'96 Games: Spain won 106 medals and once again ranked 5th in the medal count.
  • SIDNEY'00 Paralympic Games: Spain won 102 medals ranking in 4th place in the medal count.
  • ATHENS'04 Games: Spain won 71 medals and consolidated its position as a global leader in Paralympic sports.
  • BEIJING'08 Games: Spain won 58 medals and ranked 10th in the medal count.
  • LONDON'12 Paralympic Games: Spain won 42 medals and was 17th in the medal count.