Specifics measures

On the other hand, specific measures will be developed to complement the different operations with those instruments and contents which allow the use of ICT as a transverse tool for the social inclusion of people with disabilities, developing and implementing tools to manage and monitor the programme, promoting the use of ICT between technical personnel and the users, and using the ICT as a principal instrument in the information and awareness campaigns. The principal role will be played by the Web portal www.portalento.es, not forgetting the telematic bulletin Solidariedad Digital (Digital Solidarity) which will include, on a daily basis, all the recent events and news of interest that arise relating to people with disabilities.

In addition, transverse priorities will be taken into account, such as the application of the principal of gender equality in all of the actions and the promotion of awareness of the Environment through specific promotions to the programme’s beneficiaries, as well as promoting recycling in the setting of the Operational Programme (publications, information exchange, etc.)

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