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In addition to ONCE itself, as a founding entity, Fundación ONCE comprises, through its Board, highest governance body, the main organizations of persons with disabilities in Spain, such as:

  • COCEMFE Abre nueva ventana (Spanish Confederation of Persons with Physical and Organic Disabilities).
  • PLENA INCLUSIÓNAbre nueva ventana
  • CNSEAbre nueva ventana (State Confederation of Deaf Persons).
  • FIAPASAbre nueva ventana (Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf Persons).
  • SALUD MENTAL ESPAÑAAbre nueva ventana
  • ASPACEAbre nueva ventana (Spanish Confederation of Federations and Associations providing Support for Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Similar)


Also part of the Board of Fundación ONCE is CERMI Opens in new window (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities); a platform that encompasses the main organizations of persons with disabilities in Spain, many of them regional, and that combines over 2,000 associations and entities, which represent the 3.5 million persons with disabilities and living in our country. In addition, two representatives of the State Administration are freely appointed directors.

Configured as a platform that encompasses the entire disability sector, Fundación ONCE represents, in an increasingly active manner, and example of attitude, disposition and effort in a civil society articulated around its representative organizations while not sparing commitment in order to improve the living conditions of certain collectives and society as a whole.

The main source of financing of Fundación ONCE comes from resources resulting from the sale of coupons, 3% of gross income; this figure represents, practically, one of every three Euros that ONCE (Opens in new window) dedicates to social services, around 80 million Euros. The effort carried out by Fundación ONCE should remind everyone that there is still much to be achieved to fully recognise and enable persons with disabilities to exercise their rights under equal conditions and opportunities as the rest of citizens. The entire society is responsible for achieving such full integration. In this spirit of co-responsibility, Fundación ONCE works in programs co-financed by European funds, taking part specifically between 2000 and 2006 in the management of the Operating Program "Fight against Discrimination" co-financed by the European Social Fund, ESF and the European Fund of Regional Development, FEDER. Since 1988, Fundación ONCE has dedicated over 1,000 million Euros to programs and activities in favour of persons with disabilities in areas such as training and occupational insertion, global accessibility - suppression of all kinds of barriers - and cooperation with public and private entities of similar interests, collaborating with public powers in the fulfilment of obligations and specific duties established by the Constitution and laws.