The collaborations of the Accessibility Department focus, especially, on the signature of agreements with public and private entities.
The following publications are available under the "Publications" section within the area of "Fundación ONCE Publications" subarea

"Accesibility Collections":

  • Manual for promoting employability of persons with disabilities and accessibility in notary offices. (2011)
  • Study for the identification of user requirements with regards to the design of ice cream containers. (2010)
  • Accessible service stations for all. (2009)
  • Financial services accessible for all. (2007)
  • Global accessibility manual for training. (2007)
  • Accessible protocol for persons with disabilities. (2007)
  • Manual of Fords and Pedestrian Crossings 2nd Edition. (2006)
  • White book on the Design for All at Universities. (2006)
  • Other publications that involved Fundación ONCE:
    • A world without cultural barriers: accessibility and sociocultural integration of disabilities, a collective responsibility.
    • The Accessible Future. (Poliedro Collection)
    • Situation and perspectives of public transportation of persons with reduced mobility in Spain. (Poliedro Collection)
    • Design for All. A Set of Instruments.
  • Guide "Accessible Restaurants for All" (2009).
  • Manual for organizing trade shows and congresses for all. (2009)
  • Catalogue II Biennial of Contemporary Art Fundación ONCE (2008)
  • Guide "100 Accessible Tourist Accommodations for All". (2007).
  • Bars and restaurants accessible for all persons. (2007)
  • Accessible tourism for all based on excellence. (2007)
  • Catalogue I Biennial of Contemporary Art Fundación ONCE (2006)
  • Leisure of persons with disabilities. Motivations and challenges. (2006)
  • Accessible tourism for all. CERMI Action plan. (2005)
  • Habits and Attitudes towards tourism of persons with physical disability. Results report. (2004)
  • Manifest for Inclusive Leisure. (2003)

Studies of the ICT Accessibility Observatory

The Accessibility Observatory was kicked off in 2004 in order to generate and distribute information on accessibility levels on the web, of specific sectors, through inter sector comparisons and considering evolutions in time.

JACCES Magazine

JACCES (Journal of Accessibility and Design for All) is a scientific-technical international magazine on accessibility, to promote in the academic society a culture of integration of persons with disabilities and promote the use of technologies to improve the life conditions of such persons.

This Project is part of a Framework Collaboration Agreement with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Publications of the International Congress on Design, Research Networks and Technology for All DRT4ALL