"Oportunidad al Talent" (Opportunity for Talent) University External Academic Practices Program

The Commissioner for University, Youth and Special Plans of Fundación ONCE, in combination with FSC Inserta, kicked off the 'Oportunidad al Talento' Program, within the scope of the new European Higher Education Space.

This Program helps university students with disabilities to carry out curricular practices to obtain the graduate or postgraduate degree, as well as the possibility to carry out extracurricular practices as a complement for their university training.

In order to execute the Program, Fundación ONCE works with Spanish universities establishing alliances with companies committed to social and occupational integration of persons with disabilities.

For further information on this program, please check the following links:

Explanatory Dossier of the 2015 University External Trainee Program

Oportunidad al Talento (Word)

Xtalento website: https://www.portalento.es/Paginas/Inicio.aspx

You may also contact us by dialling 91 506 89 44 or by e-mail ebueno@fundaciononce.es

Video presentation event of the external academic trainee program 'Oportunidad al Talento': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7inrK4Gfk0s