Objectives and beneficiaries


  • Jobs and Training. Occupational integration for persons with disabilities is the main priority of Fundación ONCE. From the surety that the best way to ensure normalization of disabled persons is through their occupational insertion, Fundación ONCE invests 70% of its budget in an occupational insertion and training plan for employment.
  • Accessibility. Global accessibility is, after occupational insertion and training for employment, the second priority in the activities of Fundación ONCE. The barrier suppression and accessibility promotion programs carried out with the support of Fundación ONCE are aimed, basically, at four areas:
    • Eliminating architectural barriers.
    • Promote communication of deaf persons, in their family, work, etc. environments.
    • Eliminating psychosocial barriers.
    • Accessibility to information society.


Potentially beneficiaries of aids from the Foundation include:

  • Any Spanish entity, provided with a legal personality that, in accordance with its articles of association, develops an activity that is aligned with what Fundación ONCE carries out. This group particularly focuses on non-profit organizations within the scope of the associative movement of persons with disabilities, i.e. associations, federations, foundations and confederations in the various geographic scopes.
  • Any Spanish individual affected by any kind of disability. For this purpose, such person is in possession of the corresponding disability certificate issued by the competent public administration.

The protective action of Fundación ONCE may be extended, prior agreement of competent bodies in each case, to individual or legal entities of nationality other than Spanish, who fulfil the requirements established in the previous paragraphs.