Justification and payment

The documentation to be presented by the beneficiaries of aid from Fundación ONCE to guarantee the proper justification of application of the amount granted for the purpose it was requested and therefore so that Fundación ONCE can pay the corresponding amount of said aid, is primarily of business and social nature.

Justification of aids:

Business justification:

Two different aspects must be differentiated with regards to the financial justification: on one hand the complete justification of the amount granted by the Foundation and on the other, the justification of the investment or total project expense.

  • Justification of the approved aid, for the amounted granted by Fundación ONCE: As a general criteria for the justification of the amount granted by Fundación ONCE, the beneficiary must provide the original documents or certified copies corresponding the execution for said amount. However, and aware of the difficulties this procedure may cause on some entities, photocopies of the invoices shall be accepted as valid justification, which shall include the original stamp of the beneficiary entity or signature of the beneficiary, in the event of not having legal personality.
  • Justification of the total project cost in which Fundación ONCE has acted as co-financier. With regards to the global project, the legal representative of the beneficiary entity shall submit a financial report with a comparison table between the initial budget and the resulting financial cost - detailing the same concepts - accompanying a brief explanation on the deviations occurred, if any. This same exercise shall be carried out on the planned financing and that ultimately produced.

Below are two models of the financial report, one for investment projects and the other for activity development projects, in order to allow beneficiaries of aids from Fundación ONCE to justify them in part and in full.

Financial report - Activities

Financial report - Investments

Financial report - Self-employment

Social justification:

In addition to financial aspects, a social report shall be provided, describing the achievements that have been obtained in this context with the execution of the project.

In the cases in which the final result is a study, publication or similar, the number of copies shall be provided to the headquarters of Fundación ONCE indicated in the resolution, in order to contribute to the publicising of such works making them available to the rest of the persons with disabilities for consultation.

In the particular case of projects related to the Creation and job consolidation programs, Creation and consolidation of places in Occupational Centres and Self-employment and social economy, as well as training for employment, the beneficiaries of the aids shall be additionally obliged to submit periodic information in order to verify the creation and/or maintenance of workplaces or occupational places that constituted the social purpose of the project in each case. Depending on the type of project, such monitoring shall be carried out on a quarterly basis over 3 years in the case of Special Job Centre and Occupational Centre projects, 2 years in the case of self-employment projects, and related to the execution period of the project in the case of occupational mediation and training.

Since 1 September 2013, the new computerised social information reporting system came into effect, for which we provide the information session that was held for the confederations in June of that year, as well as the user manual of the new portal. For the use of this new social information reporting system, you must have the portal access codes, which are provided by email after the approval of the financial aids.

SIRIS information session

SIRIS Portal User Manual

Payment of approved aids:

Given the complementary nature of the aids and subsidies granted by Fundación ONCE, they shall be paid, generally, after the rest of public institutions and/or private entities have paid the funds assigned to the project in question.

Regardless of the above, Fundación ONCE is not alien to diverse situations that the reality of the projects and experience obtained during these years has evidenced that occasionally it is not possible to demand that co-financing entities have fulfilled their contribution in full and prior to the Foundation, without it seriously compromising the feasibility of the project. In order to attend to these situations, the Foundation may pay the subsidy granted, without the need to accredit the effective outlay of funds by the rest of co-financing entities, in line with the following criteria:

  • Investment projects, whose execution is extended in time: in these cases it shall be possible to pay the aid granted in proportion to the percentage participation of the Foundation in the co-financing of the project, always after the presentation of the appropriate justification. In those cases in which the financing of Fundación ONCE does not exceed 25% of its total cost, the payment formula that may best cover the needs of both parties shall be reviewed jointly with the beneficiary, on its request.
  • Immediate execution projects: in these cases, the subsidy granted by the Foundation shall be paid on presentation of the corresponding justifications.

The maximum deadline for full or partial payment of the aids or subsidies granted by Fundación ONCE shall be, no more, than 60 days starting from the moment in which the documents that justify each one of the requested payments are received at the headquarters of Fundación ONCE, as long as such documentation is complete and correct. Otherwise, the 60 days period shall start from the moment in which the deficiencies that may have been found have been completely corrected.

Fundación ONCE may reserve the right to withhold 5% of the total amount granted, whenever certain documentation related to the project is not provided (corporate, business reports ...) and until it is presented by the beneficiary.

For these projects not executed and justified in the established period (18 months starting from the communication of the concession of the aid), unless Fundación ONCE has authorised an extension, they shall be automatically considered as expired and Fundación ONCE may proceed to cancel the approved aid notifying the beneficiary of such decision.


In order to verify the proper application of the aids and subsidies granted and the various associated procedures, Fundación ONCE, within the scope of the audit plan produced by its Internal Audit Department, or when applicable, on request made by Spanish or EU institutions exercising their control and audit functions, may require that any beneficiary carry out an audit of its project that, among other procedures, may contemplate carrying out visits on site.