"EMPLOYMENT" and "TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT" for persons with disabilities and the publicising of the "UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY" concept, are two priority objectives of Fundación ONCE

The main purpose or goal of Fundación ONCE, consists in the execution or driving, directly or indirectly, of social integration programs and social services for persons with physical, psychic, sensory or mental disabilities, highlighting training and employment as a priority, as well as global accessibility and overcoming barriers of any kind, while necessary ensuring that the activities of the Foundation do not incur gradually in the dynamics of substituting, through facts, the obligations of public powers, in any aspect of disability policies, especially valuing the existence of public co-financing in projects for which aids are requested.

The aids that are granted by Fundación ONCE are discretionary, ex-gratia and in general free, without detriment to the rationality and solidarity, not assuming in any case pensions or permanent aids; hence it is particularly positively valued that entities asking for help for current activities, support the information and if applicable guarantee of continuity in time of said activities.

Based on the certainty that the best way of normalising the collective of persons with disabilities is through their occupational insertion, Fundación ONCE invests around two thirds of its budget in activities aimed at EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING of persons with disabilities, investing the remaining budget in activities related to UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY.

Fundación ONCE is mainly financed through the funds provided by its founding patron, ONCE. It is therefore and by virtue of the agreement entered into between ONCE and the Central Government in November 2011, that Fundación ONCE must guarantee in its activities the fulfilment of the commitment to invest a high percentage of its budget to actions aimed at employment and training of persons with disabilities, investing the rest to actions within the scope of Universal Accessibility.

In order to carry out its goals, Fundación ONCE develops the following lines of action among others:

  • In first place, through co-financing of projects that, promoted by third party entities associated with the movement for persons with disabilities, coincide with their foundational purposes and the content of the programs established each year by the Board of the Foundation. The work model employed to manage aid applications raised by entities of the associative movement, includes the establishing of work meetings with higher entities that encompass and represent the interests of different groups of persons with disabilities so that, based on applications received and in a context of limited resources, jointly assess the various projects in order to optimise the available resources.
  • In addition, through the activities carried out in the core of the companies belonging to its business group, the FUNDOSA GROUP, of which Fundación ONCE is a single shareholder of its parent company, Fundosa Grupo S.A. This group of companies serves the main goal related to the creation of workplaces for persons with disabilities.