Fundación ONCE, facing the need to combine efforts and adopt projects and actions aimed at promoting and facilitating the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in society, and being aware that in order to achieve its objectives, it requires all resources available from the public power, institutions, social agents, businesses and society in general, it runs programs such as the INSERTA Program.

The INSERTA Program of Fundación ONCE is aimed at companies that include within its strategic policies the implementation of a management system based on the principles that encourage Corporate Social Responsibility, fundamentally through voluntary integration of social concerns in its commercial operations and its relations with Interest groups, and specifically encouraging its commitment with the collective of persons with disabilities, for which Fundación ONCE will offer specialised advice to companies.

Through this program Fundación ONCE identifies strategic partners for developing actions that facilitate direct occupational integration of persons with disabilities in the heart of prestigious companies and belonging to the most diverse business sectors, as well as activating in said companies a series of measures and actions that directly or indirectly contribute to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities as an integration element and value add within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Support of the Program is materialised through the signature of an Agreement, which coordinates a specific action plan that, progressively during each one of the effective years of the Agreement, will determine the actions to be carried depending on needs, business specifications, purpose, corporate objective and the strategies of each company.

The fields of action of the INSERTA Agreement, in which Fundación ONCE advises the company, consist of:

  • As a fundamental axis, the developments of strategic projects for direct job creation and promoting the training of persons with disabilities.
  • And as complementary axis:
  • Indirect occupational integration.
  • Driving actions within the scope of accessibility of goods and services.
  • Inclusion of actions and strategies around disability in the social responsibility plans of major companies.
  • Social publicising and awareness actions.
  • Driving, promotion and sponsorship of actions that contribute to occupational insertion.
  • Project that contribute to improve the collective of persons with disabilities.
  • Any other analogous nature that serves to favour the social objectives sought by the parties signing the agreement.

The execution of most of these Agreements, particularly in the axis relative to training and employment, are executed by FSC Inserta, within the scope of the Operational Program Fighting against Discrimination co-financed by the European Social Fund.

INSERTA Agreements