Individual accessibility aids for employment


This program shall include any projects designed to endow the beneficiary with technical support that, due to its disability, required obtaining or maintaining a job.


Expenses related to the acquisition of technical aids, hearing aids, as well as the acquisition/adaptation of vehicles, which are required to achieve the goals of the program.


NEWS: the documentation detailed below will be forwarded via the following email : Afterwards, within one month at the latest, information on the application file number will be forwarded. 

  • Photocopy of applicant's ID.
  • Copy of the supporting document on which the  solicitor's disability is officially recognised, which means a disability technical decision.
    Family unit: if there is another member of the family with a disability, include the corresponding copy for each of them.
  • Copy of the application presented to cover the same purpose and, if applicable, the corresponding response, before the Central, Regional, Local, Municipal, etc. Administrations.
  • Personal data cession authorisation form, duly signed (template to be filled in is attached in Annex no. 8).
  • General application form for individuals duly filled in. (Attached in annex no. 2).
  • Budget for or invoice of the requested item;  date for submitting invoices in the justification cannot be before 01/07/2016. 
    Given their Knowledgeand expertise on the field, for technical help and adapted vehicles please contact ILUNION Salud (contact number 91 121 30 00 and address: c/ Don Ramón de la Cruz, 38, 28001 Madrid). 
  • In the case of acquisition of adapted vehicles, photocopy of driver licence.
  • Authorisation form for transferring personal data, duly signed ( template to be filled is attached in Appendix nº 8).
  • General application form for physical people duly completed. (Attached in Appendix Nº 2).
  • Affidavit model showing the authenticity of the documentation submitted, duly signed (template to be filled and signed in.Appendix 7 is attached))
  • When applicable, copy of the application submitted to achieve the same objective and, when applicable, the corresponding reply submitted to the Central and Regional Administration, Provincial Council, Town Halls, etc. 
    Pursuant to the agreement signed between GAES and ONCE Foundation, applications with budget or invoice coming from the GAES Hearing Centre will be analysed within the same framework, and, when applicable, they can receive financial support from up to 60% of its cost after a thorough evaluation.