Implemented Interventions

List of Interventions implemented in the Xtalento framework:

  • Training actions: both in the classroom or by tele-training, seminar workshops, etc.
  • Integrated insertion itineraries: These actions are implemented by FSC-Inserta and are the central axis of the Programme. They have been designed as a labour path destined to achieving the socio-labour insertion of the collective, with milestones such as occupational diagnosis, the personalised Insertion Plan, training, as well as labour mediation and the subsequent monitoring of the potential participant.
  • Self-employment aids: This action is only carried out by the Foundation, by means of subsidies in the framework of the Operational Programme for people with disabilities that present business projects of which they are the promoters, either individually or jointly with others, and whose objective is labour insertion by means of self-employed work.
  • Promotion and communication campaigns: These are all those actions aimed at promoting the results of the Programme, in all types of media and public objectives, with the aim of breaking stereotypes and barriers with respect to People with Disabilities, improving their image and therefore, facilitating labour recruitment. These campaigns also promote an added European value explaining the contribution of the European Union to the social inclusion of the different collectives under risk of exclusion.
  • Conferences and seminars: Both the Foundation through Xtalento, and FSC Inserta will promote this line of measures which look to fulfil the publicity and information objectives planned by the ESF in their global Communication Plan for the period.
  • Research, investigations or evaluations: Their aim is to adapt Xtalento to any situation which may arise at any time with respect to people with disabilities as the targets of the programme, as well as in relation to the social agents implicated, employers, administrations, etc, always under the premise of innovation and maximum social profitability.
  • Transnational and Interregional networks: The promotion of collaboration networks and experimentation platforms at European level and in the Autonomous Communities, in order to exchange good practices and create working groups which generate synergies between the implicated agents, public administrations, companies, NGOs, etc.
  • Technical Assistance Actions: This line includes measures related principally with quality of service, such as management, monitoring, evaluation and control of the programme, carried out by internal personnel of the ONCE Foundation and with the support of external companies.