A business vision of social integration

ILUNION materialises the social initiative of ONCE and its Foundation within the business world with pioneering and innovative model that maintains the balance between its business and social values.

ILUNION has a headcount of 32,000 persons, of which over 35% are persons with disabilities. In addition, in order to fulfil their commitment to create jobs for persons with disabilities, ILUNION is involved in other social companies, contributing to the maintenance of another 3,300 workplaces, of which 81% are carried out by persons with disabilities.

ILUNION, with an experience of almost 30 years, is present in the most important business sectors and is a leader in industrial laundry, contact centre, comprehensive services, technology solutions and universal accessibility.

ILUNION carries out its business activities in five divisions: Comprehensive services, Socio sanitary, Consulting, Travel, Tourism and leisure, and Marketing. These divisions encompass over 50 lines of business, with a turnover of 747 million Euros.

Present throughout Spain, with over 500 employment centres, of which half are Special Employment Centres, ILUNION is a business, social, and environmentally responsible project that aims for excellence in its management, adding capacity, experience, talent and inclusion and joining competitiveness, innovation, efficiency and diversity.