Frequently asked questions

Before resolving the dossier

How much time does it take to resolve the dossier?

Generally, the average response time after submitting all documentation required correctly and complete is 100 days. Depending on the type of application, times may be shortened (e.g. individual aids) or extended (e.g. commissioning of a Special Employment Centre). At any time during the processing of the application, you may ask for information on its status from the project area (e-mail:

Is it necessary to submit legal documentation if I already provided it in previous applications?

Yes. For legal safety of Fundación ONCE as certain legal aspects may change (e.g. Articles of Association that are modified during a Shareholder Meeting, changes in Management functions...)

In the case of more than one application in the same period and not having made legal changes, it shall only be necessary to send this documentation once, notifying that such documentation has already been provided and it is up to date.

Once the dossier has been resolved:

What do I do now?

Once resolved by the Competent Body of Fundación ONCE, the adopted decisions shall be notified in any case. If favourable, the corresponding resolution notice shall be submitted detailing the conditions for the justification and payment of the aid.

How much time does it take on receiving the resolution once the dossier has been approved?

Once a dossier is approved, its resolution is produced jointly with all projects approved during the same meeting of the body. Fundación ONCE receiving each year about 2500 applications for aid and the average communication time of resolution from approval is 30 days.

When will I be paid?

The Resolution Notice establishing the form of payment. In general, once the dossier has been correctly justified, the deadline shall not exceed 60 days.

How should I justify?

Applicants shall provide any documentation detailed in the aid concession resolution. How much time do I have to justify?

In general, unless otherwise specified in the resolution, thee deadline for the execution and justification of a dossier is 18 months from the date on which the dossier is approved.

During justification

Are photocopies valid?

The Notice of Resolution specifies the type of document (photocopy, original, certified copy...) that is required depending on the nature of the document to submit.

Must the investment be completed to initiate the justification?

No. In general, and depending on the type of project, partial justifications are allowed, and the payment made by Fundación ONCE shall be proportional to its involvement in the project. In any case, the specific terms of the justification shall be notified in the Resolution of the concession of the aid.

How can I obtain the logo of Fundación ONCE to insert it in the documentation or material that is published?

The Logo of Fundación ONCE must be requested from the Cooperation Department of Fundación ONCE by e-mail: indicating the dossier number in the request.

Can I contact the Projects Department of Fundación ONCE to clarify any doubts on justifications or must I wait for their call?

The Projects Department of Fundación ONCE is at your disposal to resolve any doubt that may arise regarding your application. You can call 91 506 88 88 or send your questions by e-mail to

Can a part of the subsidy granted be withheld until the co-financing justifications are presented.

Yes. Payment of the total aid approved is not performed until the beneficiary has completed the justification under the terms established in the aid resolution.


Personnel of the Projects Area at Fundación ONCE are at your disposal to clarify any matter.
Telephone: 91 506 88 88