The External Support Department is in charge of attending to all information requirements sent to Fundación ONCE both from individuals and legal entities. Further information dae@fundaciononce.es  or on telephone 91 506 89 18/19.

Can I get the disability certificate?

The application for official recognition of a disability can arise in the offices of the register established for such purpose by the Management Bodies of the Autonomous Communities responsible for management and Regional IMSERSO divisions.

How can I join ONCE?

To become an affiliate, you must fulfil certain conditions that are essentially based on two aspects of visual operation: sharpness and visual field, anybody interested in the conditions and procedure to follow for joining ONCE may obtain information, in person or on the phone, in any of the Regional Branches, Administrative Offices and Agencies of ONCE throughout Spain.

I have a disability, where can I find work?

FSC Inserta is the occupational inclusion entity of Fundación ONCE, specialised in employment and training of persons with disabilities. You can contact the various branches located throughout Spain to join its Employment Pool, receive personalised guidance, suitable training depending on your needs and finding a job.

I want to sell ONCE coupons.

Selling coupons is managed by ONCE, not the Foundation. You can contact the Agency, Administrative Office, Regional Branch of ONCE nearest to your home.

I have a disability certificate; what benefits and provisions am I entitled to?

Recognition of the type and degree of disability can entitle, among others, to the following social protection measures:

  • Tax benefits:
    • Spanish Personal Income Tax (IRPF)
    • Corporate Income Tax
    • Inheritance duty and donations
    • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • Special tax for certain transport resources
    • Tax of mechanical traction vehicles. (Registration tax / Road tax)
  • Non-contributing pension for disability
  • Family provision per child under their responsibility
  • Guidance for admittance in Centres, Residences, treatment, etc.
  • Parking card for persons with disabilities
  • Bonotaxi
  • Application for public aids from social services of the various Autonomous Communities
  • Reductions in means of transportation
  • Leisure, culture and tourism

In addition, there are many other aids and services for persons with disabilities considered in the competent organisations with regards to Social Services (Autonomous / Municipal).

I need information on regulations

Discapnet, is a portal promoted by Fundación ONCE with up to date information on disability legislation. You can visit our website http://www.discapnet.es.

I have accessibility problems in my home...

  • A) Fundosa Accesibilidad (projects division) is a Fundación ONCE company where you can ask for information and advice. The contact phone is 911 213 006
  • B) You can ask for information, help and advice at the State Centre for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aids is a technology centre under IMSERSO. Ceapat is expressly dedicated to promote comprehensive accessibility and developing technology. It promotes the optimisation of technical aids and the design for all, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens, with special attention to persons with disabilities and the elderly. The contact address is c/ Los Extremeños,1 (Corner of Pablo Neruda) - 28018 MADRID