Training workshops

Especially designed for municipal technicians responsible for managing activities aimed at universal accessibility and persons in charge of companies and local tourism services. Executed in 2013 and 2014 in cooperation with the ACS Foundation and the City Halls that so desired.

Biennial of Contemporary Art Fundación ONCE

  • Recognise and publicise the work of artists with disabilities, as well as promote their access to the employment market.
  • Recognise and publicise the work of artists that use disability as the theme of their creations encompassing persons with disabilities as spectators.
  • Promote and publicise, through the Exhibition and Catalogue, the work of artists involved in the exhibition, to highlight the artistic value linked to disability and Polysensory creativity.
  • Provoke attention of the world of culture and art on the reality of disabilities and their potential.
  • Tighten communication with other Foundations, Associations and entities related both with disability and art on an international level.

The Biennial focused around:

  • An exhibition on plastic arts.
  • Parallel activities (cycles of cinema, theatre, music and dance, in addition to conferences and workshops).

Information on activities:

Highlighting accessibility:

  • The spaces: all sites have been accessible.
  • The content:
    • Audio guides and sign guides
    • Signs in Braille
    • Magnetic loops
    • Audio description and subtitling

Itinerant exhibitions of the funds of Fundación ONCE

Exhibition “El mundo fluye":


  • From 25 May to 31 July. Teatro Comico Main Hall (Headquarters of Contemporary Art of the BBAA Museum) in Cordoba.
  • From 21 January to 7 February 2015. Auditorium City of Leon, Leon.


  • From 9 to 28 October 2014. Caixa Forum Palma de Mallorca.
  • From 18 July to 30 September 2014. Tito Fernández Cultural Centre. San Esteban de Pravia, Asturias.



  • From 11 May to 10 June 2012. Tinglado 1 of the Costa del Puerto Dock in Tarragona.
  • From 28 March to 6 May 2012. Municipal Exhibition Hall of Palexco. A Coruña
  • From 23 February 2012 to 25 March 2012. Exhibition Hall of the Pimentel Palace, Angustias, 44. Valladolid.
  • From 12 January 2012 to 10 February 2012. Asunción Cultural Centre. Callejón de las Monjas, s/n. Albacete.
  • From 16 November 2011 to 8 January 2012. Carmen Centre. Calle Museo, 2. Valencia.


  • From 21 October to 13 November 2011. Throne Hall at the Huesca Museum. Plaza Universidad, 2. Huesca.
  • From 6 September to 15 October 2011. Okendo Kultur Etxea Cultural Centre. San Sebastián.
  • From 8 to 31 June 2011. Santa Clara Cultural Centre of ICAS (Institute of Culture and Arts) Calle Becas, s/n, Seville.


  • From 17 March to 11 April 2010. Exhibitions Hall of Caja Mediterraneo in Alicante. Av/ Ramón y Cajal, no 5.


  • From 4 November to 9 December 2009. Maritime Museum of Barcelona. Avinguda de les Drassanes, 1.

Cambio de Sentido Cultural Space. (C/ Recoletos, 1)

Information on activities:

Exhibitions and cultural acts:


  • Chimo Serrano Exhibition. PHOTOESPAÑA 2015. From 28 May to 31 July.
  • Fernando Alonso and José María Prieto Lago Exhibition. From 8 April to 14 May
  • Fundación Dalma "El Balón de Oro" exhibition. From 5 February to 6 March 2015.


  • Exhibition “El mundo fluye" From 20 November 2014 to 16 January 2015
  • Exhibition "Costuras a Flor de Piel". From 29 May to 27 September 2014.
  • Exhibition "Huellas Hermanas". From 22 January to 25 April 2014.


  • Ángel Rojo exhibition. From 30 May to 18 October 2013.
  • Belen Serrano exhibition introduces Juan Torre. From 1 March to 3 May.
  • Benito Román exhibition introduces Juan Grappa. From 28 November to 15 February 2013.


  • Still Life Exhibition. Rafael Sanz Lobato PHOTOESPAÑA 2012. From 30 May to 31 July 2012.
  • Presentation of the Poetry book by Federico Monroy "La lengua de los ciegos" (the language of the blind). 23 April.
  • Rebeca Plana Exhibition. From 21 March to 18 May.
  • Eugenio Ampudia Exhibition introduces Víctor Meliveo. From 26 January to 9 March.


  • Ramón Espantaleón Exhibition presents Carme Ollé. From 19 October to 16 December 2011.
  • Cristina García Rodero exhibition presents Rafael Sanz Lobato, within the PhotoEspaña 2011 circuit. From 9 June to 29 July 2011.
  • NAEMI Collection exhibition "Visiones y Visionarios" (Visions and Visionaries). From 6 April to 27 May 2011.
  • Luis Fega exhibition presents Rafael Arias and Birgitta Blokland. From 9 February to 25 March 2011.


  • Juan Ugalde exhibition presents Ramón Losa, from 11 November to 28 January 2011.
  • Germán Gómez exhibition presents Eduardo Oquendo, within the PHE10 circuit. From 27 to 30 July 2010.
  • Luis Pérez-Mínguez exhibition presents Pilo Gómez-Barquero. From 20 January to 9 April 2010.


  • Rodrigo Raimondi exhibition sponsored by Ouka Leele, from 28 May to 31 July 2009.

Cultural events

  • Presentation of the Poetry book by Federico Monroy "La lengua de los ciegos" (the language of the blind). 23 April 2012.
  • Presentation of the poetry book "Quisiera...” by Nuria García-Rollán Vaamonde, sponsored by Carmen Salamanca, 29 June 2010.
  • Presentation of the poetry book "Doblaje", by Federico Monroy, sponsored by Ana Rossetti, 28 May 2009.
  • Performance in "NOCHE EN BLANCO", Madrid of the company "Locos por el Teatro", with a fragment of "Visiones de Nosotros" on 11 September 2010.
  • Performance of the company "El Tinglao" with a piece of "IN-GRAVE", 19 September 2009 during "La Noche en Blanco".

Easy reading

Information on activities:

  • Reading event of Don Quixote de la Mancha, during the Lectura Fácil edition. At the El Corte Inglés Retail Centre in Alcalá de Henares. 23 April 2009.

International Congress of Tourism for All


  • Analyse the potential of the quality tourism market under the paradigm Design for All, showing this benefits customers, suppliers and society in general.
  • Present specific results of Tourism for All experiences in order to identify the social and business impact it generates.
  • Offer an exchange forum combining all stakeholders and to discuss and exchange information on new trends and the future of tourism.
  • Highlight that the quality conceived from the Design for All is an advantage for citizens in general and therefore, Accessibility becomes a factor of excellence in the portfolio.

These congresses are attended by national and international speakers and visitors. Benefiting persons with disability, the tourism sector and society in general.

The Congress is aimed at administration, companies, users of products and services linked to tourism and persons and institutions in general interested in identifying the current state of Tourism for All and its near future, as well as the possibilities to change and improve of the sector.

Information on activities

DRT4ALL International Congress

DRT4ALL held its first edition in 2005 as the I International Congress on Home Automation, Robotics and Remote Assistance. Since its start, the spirit of DRT4ALL has been to show the advances that emerge in the ICT field applied to promoting independent life and social integration of elderly and persons with functional diversity.

DRT4ALL is a scientific congress, but without excluding important players such as industry and public administration, among others. The experience of users is a key aspect, hence their involvement both on an individual level and through the most representative platforms of the associative movement.

Since 2011, to respond to the new technological reality, provoked mainly by the irruption of social networks and knowledge networks, DRT4ALL became identified as the International Congress on Design, Research Networks and Technology for All, conserving part of its essence, but also including these changes.

Under the slogan 'An accessible society where you are the star' DRT4ALL 2013 enjoyed the participation of 250 attendants and 50 experts reported on solutions and R&D and technological innovation projects as well as various advances in the world of accessibility and design for all.