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Discapnet is, according to the specialised consulting firm McKinsey, the only global portal of reference on disabilities, nationwide. It was promoted by Fundación ONCE in 1999 and was co-financed by the European Union until December 2008.

Discapnet is the portal of reference in the Spanish speaking world, for its breadth and audience, with content and services aimed at the disability world. This initiative of Fundación ONCE continues to be fully managed by Technosite.

Two primary objectives that govern the development of the portal since its origins: on one part to provide an information service for organizations, professionals, persons with disabilities and family members, and on the other, a platform for developing actions aimed at promoting the involvement in business, social and cultural life of persons with disabilities. On 11 March, HRH The Princess of Asturias handed the awards of the II Edition of the Discapnet Awards of Fundación ONCE. Of the 112 candidacies presented, the jury distinguished, as absolute winners, the app "El tren en tu móvil" (the train in your phone) from Patentes Talgo, in category A and Ms Cristina Rodríguez Porrero in B. The "Info accessibility Activities for promoting education inclusion of persons with disabilities", presented by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia was runner-up in Category A as the most prominent action applied to the educational environment.


The most stable contents are organized into 8 primary theme areas. Rights, technology, accessibility, health, education, environment, employment and leisure and culture.

Some of the new content published in 2013 were:

  • Specials “Questions and Answers”. On how to prepare the Income Tax Declaration, in light of the great demand for information of this type expressed by users.

Some new channels were also created to follow-up on events and conferences of interest, and to offer new highlighted content

  • Technologies. Drt4allCongress. Technology for all Congress.
  • Accessibility. Tourism for all. Congress of accessible tourism, Avila.
  • Education. A new section of Educational Games was created
  • New section on Health: Cuída-T. With content on therapies.

In addition, the content has been extended and updated in sections such as online procedure management. This service allows removing travel and waiting times and avoid access barriers to electronic services of the Administration.

Or in Entrepreneurs: which offers advice and resources to implement business projects of persons with disabilities and an entrepreneurial spirit.

In light of the increased use of mobile devices, special attention was given to the Amóvil project, giving visibility to news and reports that have emerged on this type of terminals. The analysis of accessibility of mobile apps has played a leading role, on another part, in one of the reports of the ICT Accessibility Observatory at Discapnet, produced in 2013.

A second report was also published in said Observatory, "Accessibility of e-learning platforms, education resources and electronic books".


The most ephemeral information is articulated around the News section, publishing news on disabilities, other social matters and current affairs. In total over 41,000 news items were published in 2013.

The system allows for updating the news aggregators of each users, using syndication tools. Two native apps have been created and published to immediately receive all the news in mobile devices, available for free in the Android Market and the Windows Phone App Store, respectively.

Discapnet hosts a singular information resource in Spanish: 'Noticias Fácil' (Easy News). It is news content generation following the Easy Reading methodology, aimed at persons with written language comprehension problems regardless of why (disability, cultural level, lack of language knowledge...). It is updated each day with news, reports, guides, bibliography and polls.

Noticias Fácil was presented to the collective of intellectual disability during the FEAPS Participation Exhibition, held in Valladolid in November, exposing the content it includes. One of the highlights was a workshop guide to help persons with intellectual disability to make a responsible use as TV spectators, and to learn using TV.

In addition, in 2013, a new channel was created in this portal with biographies of singers in easy reading, called 'Si te gusta la música' (If you like music), publishing 7 biographies of singers or musical groups.


2013 was characterised by the progressive increase in traffic of the portal, with a total of 10,942,018 visits and a daily average of 29,978. Total page views were 119,649,932. These figures represent a consolidation of the portal audience with a year-on-year visit growth close to 3%, but almost tripling the number of pages served to each one of them, which confirms the suitability of the selected content, which better capture the interest of the public it targets.

Another parameter that is indicative of the level of interactivity achieved by the portal is the inquiries and suggestions received. A total of 8,145 communications were attended via e-mail. There are 3,303 registered users.

The user community presence rollout in social networks has already reached highly significant figures: As at 31 December, the Discapnet page on Facebook had 7,033 followers, 19,577 in Twitter and 778 in LinkedIn.