Current employment plan

In order to fulfil the priority objective of Fundación ONCE, ONCE and its Foundation have executed since 1997 various plans defining a specific commitment to creating jobs and participants in training actions within the temporary plan established for each plan. The first plan was kicked off in 1997: "Plan 5,000/10,000", which aimed to create 5,000 jobs as well as carry out 10,000 training actions for persons with disabilities during the period from 1997 to 2000. The results of the plan exceeded the most optimistic expectations; the established figures had been surpassed during the first two years (1997-1998).

In 1999, a second General Agreement was signed with the Central Government on Cooperation, Solidarity and Competitiveness for the future stability of ONCE. New social objectives were set in terms of training and employment of persons with disabilities for the period between 1999 and 2008, which were detailed in "Plan 20,000/40,000". This objective of this plan was the creation of 20,000 workplaces for persons with disabilities and the execution of 40,000 training activities. Fundación ONCE acquired the commitment to create 13,000 workplaces and carry out 18,000 training actions during the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008. During the first five years of execution of this Plan, the total jobs and work places created for persons with disabilities as a result of the activities of Fundación ONCE were 20,885, which represented exceeding the global objective that the Area of Fundación ONCE had assigned in the Plan. During that same period, training actions were carried out benefiting 28,240 persons with disabilities.

  • In 2004, in order to comply and execute the commitments assumed with regards to training and employment of blind people or with other disabilities, with the Central Government, in the General Agreement on Cooperation, Solidarity and Competitiveness for the future stability of ONCE, "Plan 8,000/16,000 of the ONCE Group" was approved for the creation of jobs and training for blind persons or with other disabilities during the period from 2004 to 2011. The objectives of this Plan are the creation of 8,000 new workplaces for persons with disabilities and jobs as well as training courses in favour of 16,000 persons with disabilities. One year after the approval of Plan 8,000/16,000, on 2005, and after appraising the objectives achieved, it was resolved to substitute the Plan for Plan 16,000/32,000 of ONCE and its Foundation for job creation and training of persons with disabilities between 2004 and 2011. During this period, ONCE and Fundación ONCE committed to create, preferably in ordinary companies through occupational mediation, 16,000 new workplaces for persons with disabilities and jobs and to drive and develop training courses in favour of 32,000 persons with disabilities.
  • Having largely exceeded the objectives of Plan 16,000/32,000 on 18 November 2011, the Cabinet approved a new General Agreement for the period between 2012 and 2021, called Plan 15,000/30,000 in which ONCE and its Foundation commit to create 15,000 new jobs and workplaces and to drive and develop training courses for 30,000 persons with disabilities.

Within these general objectives, Fundación ONCE is responsible for:

  • The creation of 11,800 workplaces.
  • The creation/consolidation of 2,400 workplaces;
  • Training of 14,000 persons with disabilities: 8,000 persons with disabilities in job training and 6,000 in continuous training.

There was a fundamental change emerging in Plan 8,000/16,000 and continued with Plan 16,000/32,000 and the current Plan 15,000/30,000, which is the commitment to creating jobs is carried out with a commitment on job stability, because to assess the degree of fulfilment of the job creation objective, only the jobs generated by third party companies and entities with the support of ONCE and its Foundation shall be considered if they surpass a given duration; net annual growth shall be calculated with regards to internal employment of Fundación ONCE and its group of companies (GROUP FUNDOSA). This change follows the commitment of ONCE and its Foundation in favour of job quality of persons with disabilities.

Plan 15,000/30,000

Between January 2012 and December 2013 the results, compared to the objectives defined for Fundación ONCE in Plan 15,000/30,000 between 2012 and 2021, and according to the corresponding audited reports are:

  • Creation of 7,589 jobs for persons with disabilities, representing 64% of the objective set for 2012-2021.
  • Creation of 902 workplaces, which represent 37.58% of the objective set for 2012-2021.
  • 18,161 trained students with disabilities, i.e. 130% of the objective set for 2012-2021.