Corporate services

The CSR policies of companies must not forget that persons with disabilities represent 10% of the population. Disability must be a dimension to be included in CSR transversally, considering persons with disabilities as an additional interest group.

The objective is to include disability in the policies that impregnate the entire structure and behaviour of the institution and therefore, all activities must be driven by the head of the organization.

Executing social integration projects of persons with disabilities has diverse perspectives, which add value to the company and cover an internal and external scope of the organization.

  • The integration of persons with disabilities in the heart of the company, as employees in the headcount offers companies a new source of candidates with talent, adding diversity to our teams.
  • Incorporating persons with disabilities or their entourage opens a new potential market of customers.
  • Establish a policy of responsible purchasing driving the purchase or engagement to Special Employment Centres that are involved in the associative disability movement, or to suppliers involved in the integration of persons with disabilities, will extend the value chain.
  • Face and reinforce CSR policies on disabilities favour the reputation and prestige of companies and therefore position them in an advantageous position with regards to competitors.

Fundación ONCE believes that to achieve excellence with regards to CSR and disabilities, companies must carry out activities in several areas and proposes specific activities related to occupational integration, promotion of full accessibility, customer and supplier relations, social action and communications.
CSR-D, an exciting path in which Fundación ONCE will accompany you.