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The previous program introduced a novelty, the inclusion as Intermediate Organizations of the program, in addition to competent public organizations, to some social Organizations with renowned working experience with the collectives where the activities will be focusing and with management capacity. The kick off and work carried out in the Operating Program for Fighting against Discrimination 2000-2006 enjoyed good results and has
been recognised as good practice in several European forums.

The Administrative Unit of the European Social Fund decided to give continuity of this Operating Program during the period from 2007-2013, and has the involvement, both in their drafting and kick off and development, of five non-governmental organization, including Fundación ONCE.

The European Commission through Resolution C(2007)6735 dated 18 December 2007 approved the Operating Program for "Fighting against Discrimination 2007-2013” appointing Fundación ONCE as the Intermediate Organization for carrying out the measures included in the program.

The scope of the Operating Program covers actions such as integrated social and employment integration itineraries, aids for self-employment, studies, improving competitiveness of Special Employment Centres, publicising and awareness campaigns as well as the use of new information technologies and communication.

Fundación ONCE, aiming to achieve greater efficiency and guarantee the transparency in the management of the Operating Program and therefore the financial resources provided by the European Social Fund considers that the hiring of the necessary resources to execute the actions included in the Multi-regional Operating Program for "Fighting against Discrimination 2007-2013” must be governed by a procedure that guarantees the publicity and concurrence and transparency in the awarding of the services subject to engagement and therefore require that Fundación ONCE establishes a "Contractor Profile" that provides, publicity, transparency and legal safety to entities interested in engaging the services that are advertised. Justification for the creation of a "Contractor Profile" by Fundación ONCE.

Fundación ONCE for the Cooperation and Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter Fundación ONCE), incorporated by Resolution of the General Council of ONCE, dated 8 January 1988, and approved and qualified by the then Minister of Social Affairs as an Entity of Particular Charity of supportive nature, includes among its objectives the promotion and development of programs and activities aimed at promoting cooperation and full social integration of persons with disabilities.

Within the scope of its foundational goals, one of the main objectives of Fundación ONCE is the development of actions aiming at promoting training and employment of persons with disabilities as a suitable instrument for their social and occupational integration.

The Administrative Unit of the European Social Fund (UAFSE) considering that the actions and social goals of Fundación ONCE match the priorities in terms of  employment and social inclusion of the European Union, in line with the Regulations (EC) 1081/2006 regarding to the European Social Fund, which under its section 5 on Good Governance and Cooperation paragraph 4 establishes that "The management authority of each one of the operating programs with facilitate access of non-government organizations to subsidised activities and their suitable involvement, especially those relative to social inclusion, equality between women and men and equal opportunities", aims to maximize the positive experience of Fundación ONCE in managing the Structural Funds and approves the involvement of this institution in the management and execution of the Multi-Regional Operating Program for "Fighting against Discrimination 2007-2013”.

Contracting profile Fundación ONCE