Awareness activities

Awareness campaigns

Since 1990, Fundación ONCE, in cooperation with ONCE itself, has carried out institutional and social awareness campaigns that, undoubtedly, had notoriety and depth in society, contributing to break mental barriers for social integration of persons with disabilities. Generally they have been published on all regular publicity media.

The campaigns that had greatest notoriety have been dedicated to promoting jobs for persons with disabilities, such as "Preparados, listos, ya" (ready, set, go) from 1996 or those of recent years, where in addition to promoting employment, they have tried to transmit the need to move towards a more accessible society.

The campaigns remind those that already know and show those that were unaware, that the persons with disabilities have rights and the ability to carry out an active role in society. In addition, they recognise that responsibility has been grouped, attributing it to society as a whole, and from there, beyond the Associations themselves and Fundación ONCE, to the Public Administration and social agents.

From the Portalento Program and with co-financing from the European Social Fund, the awareness actions constitute one of the fundamental pillars to overcome barriers that hinder or prevent the hiring of Persons with Disabilities.

Therefore, a communication plan was produced for the period between 2009 and 2015, aimed at informing potential beneficiaries of the opportunities found in the Portalento Program, and inform about the added value of the European Union aids and especially emphasize among the business world in particular and society in general, the talent of Persons with Disabilities and the competitive advantage of hiring them.

Within this framework, awareness campaigns have been implemented that are relevant for their impact on media and social networks, such as the 'Capacitados' documentary (click the following link to access, the campaign of the 'No Te Rindas Nunca' Plan (click the following link to access, to promote young people employment and more recently the 'Por Mil Razones' campaign, aimed at raising awareness of, the job and training portal for persons with disabilities of FSC Inserta, beneficiary of the Operating Program.