Application process

Aids application process

  • Once the application for aid has been given the corresponding entry registration number of Fundación ONCE, it is assigned a DOSSIER NUMBER, which shall be reference number during the entire process of review, valuation, resolution and if applicable payment of the aid if favourable.
  • The applicant, in general terms, receives an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT of its application indicating the assigned dossier number and requiring the submission of any documentation and/or additional information considered necessary to technically appraise the application.
  • Later the REVIEW and VALUATION process is carried out on the dossier in order to produce the corresponding proposal and submit it to consideration by the competent body in each case.
  • The decision body shall proceed to RESOLVE each one of the dossiers presented in the form considered appropriate (which may be favourable or rejected), notifying the applicant of the result.
  • Favourable resolutions shall be notified to the beneficiaries through a document on the concession of the aid (RESOLUTION), indicating the steps to follow, the deadline for the execution and justification of the project, as well as the documentation to be presented for payment by Fundación ONCE of the approved aid.
  • Once the justification documentation has been received, it is checked to ensure it matches the conditions established in the corresponding Resolution, in which case it shall be PAID through bank transfer, in partial payments or total of the aid if the project has been justified in full.
  • Any application for aid that has been approved, and in order to verify the proper use of it, may be subject to the execution of an AUDIT.