Grupo Fundosa 

A business vision of social integration

The ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and the Social Integration of People with Disabilities created the Fundosa Group in 1989, to increase the employment possibilities of people with disabilities.

The Fundosa Group grows, year after year, as do the companies of which it is formed. This growth is applicable to social values regarding the integration of people with disabilities into working life, as well as economic values, thanks to a philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement.

The objective of the ONCE Foundation is to generate and manage employment for people with disabilities through its companies and to favour the employment of people with disabilities in external companies.

The Fundosa Group is strongly committed to an integrationist job market which tackles the employment of people with disabilities as an opportunity for everyone.

Today the Fundosa Group, with a workforce of more than 14,000 employees, in the majority people with disabilities, is the largest provider of products and services in the disability sector, supplied in the main part by Sheltered Workplaces with a wide offer in the technology, industrial, services, accessibility and socio-sanitary sectors.


Logotipo  Grupo Fundosa