INSERTA Programme 

The ONCE Foundation, faced with the need to unite efforts and adopt projects and actions aimed at promoting and enabling the full insertion of people with disabilities into society, and being aware that in order to achieve its objective it needed all the resources available from the public authorities, institutions, social and business agents and society in general, has developed programmes such as the INSERTA Programme.

The INSERTA Programme of the ONCE Foundation is directed at companies who include in their strategic policies the implementation of a management system based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, fundamentally through the voluntary integration of social concerns into their commercial relations and their relations with Interest Groups, and specifically promoting their commitment to the collective of people with disabilities, for which the ONCE Foundation will put specialised advisory services at the disposal of the company.

By means of said programme the ONCE Foundation identifies strategic partners for the development of actions which enable the direct labour insertion of people with disabilities into the heart of companies of recognised prestige and belonging to the most diverse economic sectors, as well as the activation in said companies of a series of measures and actions which directly or indirectly contribute to improving the living conditions of people with disabilities as an integrating and value added element in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Programme is joined by means of signing an Agreement, through which a specific action plan is coordinated and articulated that, progressively through the applicable years of the Agreement, will determine the actions to be undertaken according to the needs, business specifications, purpose, social objective and strategies of each company.

The fields of action of the INSERTA Agreement, in which the ONCE Foundation advise the company, are composed of:

  • As a fundamental axis, the development of strategic Projects to generate direct employment and to promote the training of people with disabilities.
  • And as complementary axes:
    o Indirect labour integration
    o Promotion of actions in the field of accessibility of goods and services
    o Inclusion of actions and strategies regarding disability in the social responsibility plans of large companies
    o Social promotion and awareness actions
    o Promotion and sponsorship of actions which contribute to labour insertion.
    o Projects which contribute to the improvement of the collective of people with disabilities.
    o Any other action of similar nature which serves to favour the social objectives pursued by the signing parties.

Convenios INSERTA